I could think of nothing to say about how her planned career as an architect turned into the trade of painting fingernails and toenails.
Separated at Birth

We settled at a small round table and I tried to adjust to the street side ambience: impatient drivers leaning on horns, buses emitting dark smoke, and pedestrians strolling so close that one could have easily plucked the olive out of my martini.
-- Sidewalk Cafes

Jump into the shark tank. Was I really going to jump into that oversized bathtub filled with sharks?
-- Tanked

Pour, fry, zip and bang. Rosie waddled around the kitchen at warp speed in her formless flowered dress and low stack heeled shoes, removing her wire rimmed bifocals every now and then to wipe them clean.
Rosie's Blintzes

But I like the winter light; the slanting rays of sunshine that penetrate the ashen skies of December and January are soft and gentle. It is the light in my memories of the cold winters when I was a kid, winters that elicited no thoughts of global warming, winters when we could count on at least a few snowy days to drag our sleds up from the basement and tromp around the neighborhood searching for hills.
--Winter Light

Dread accompanied me to Dr. Thompson's office. I waited in the doorway, bracing for an indictment. When she looked up from the papers on her desk I relaxed bit because she began to grin--a large, toothy grin worthy of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.